Tez "Bank" Chantaruchirakorn

Tez "Bank" Chantaruchirakorn

Assistant Provost and Chief of Staff

Bank is the Assistant Provost and Chief of Staff.  He manages the daily and long-term activities of the Provost’s Office, advances the Provost’s agenda and priorities, and facilitates coordination and communication among the University’s senior administrators.  He previously served as lead staff to the Presidential Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging and held roles in the Harvard College Program in General Education and FAS Development.  Prior to Harvard, Bank worked for the Consortium on Financing Higher Education and as an admissions officer at UCLA, his alma mater.  He holds a Ed.M. in Higher Education from Harvard and a B.A.S. in Mathematics/Economics and Psychology from UCLA.

Assisted by: Stephanie Cruikshank, 617.496.7006, stephanie_cruikshank@harvard.edu

Contact Information

p: 617.496.1952