The provost serves as Harvard’s chief academic officer, working with the president to oversee academic policies and activities university-wide. The Office of the Provost [view organizational chart] works closely with the University’s academic and administrative leaders to:

  • Foster interfaculty collaboration
  • Improve Harvard’s performance in building a diverse pipeline of scholars and in developing scholars at all stages of the academic career ladder
  • Advance university-wide approaches to compliance and research policy
  • Support University cultural and artistic entities and projects
  • Oversee and coordinate the University’s international activities
  • Support faculty, students, and academic professionals in advancing innovations in teaching and learning; and
  • Oversee activities pertaining to intellectual property, technology transfer, research collaborations with industry, and trademark licensing.

The deputy, vice, associate, and assistant provosts, together with the provost’s administrative and operations staff, support the provost in carrying out these responsibilities.

Harvard Gazette

All hail partisan politics

All hail partisan politics

February 9, 2017

Is the Affordable Care Act eroding economic growth? Did the opposition steal a Supreme Court appointment from President Barack Obama? Did President Trump have a record large crowd at his inauguration?

In these divided times when seemingly everything — no matter how minor or how true — gets litigated largely along partisan lines, it’s tempting to see tension and vigorous political disagreement as counterproductive, even harmful, to the smooth functioning of a healthy democracy.

Update on Graduate Student Unionization (October 24, 2016)

The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that students who serve in teaching and research capacities at private universities now have the right to unionize. Graduate student unionization is an important subject of discussion on our campus. We encourage you to read more about the issues and access Frequently Asked Questions for more information.