The provost serves as Harvard’s chief academic officer, working with the president to oversee academic policies and activities university-wide. The Office of the Provost [view organizational chart] works closely with the University’s academic and administrative leaders to:

  • Foster interfaculty collaboration
  • Improve Harvard’s performance in building a diverse pipeline of scholars and in developing scholars at all stages of the academic career ladder
  • Advance university-wide approaches to compliance and research policy
  • Support University cultural and artistic entities and projects
  • Oversee and coordinate the University’s international activities
  • Support faculty, students, and academic professionals in advancing innovations in teaching and learning; and
  • Oversee activities pertaining to intellectual property, technology transfer, research collaborations with industry, and trademark licensing.

The deputy, vice, associate, and assistant provosts, together with the provost’s administrative and operations staff, support the provost in carrying out these responsibilities.

Latest News

University Discrimination and Bullying Policy Review

In April 2022, Provost Garber updated the community on the process to develop non-discrimination and anti-bullying policies and procedures, and to review the Interim Title IX Sexual Harassment and Other Sexual Misconduct policies and procedures.

To read the final reports from the University Discrimination and Bullying Policy Steering Committee and Working Groups, and to review the draft policies and procedures currently under consideration, visit the policy review website. Input from the Harvard community will be an important part of finalizing these policies and procedures.